Contact Us

To make an inquiry or get support assistance please email me at or message me via the Evolution3D Facebook Page.. I generally respond rather quickly. I no longer have a contact form on this page because I just wasn’t sure that I was getting all the messages.

Also, I don’t do phone calls.. the reason why is because I’m a one man show and a creative person. Phones ringing randomly throughout the day drive me crazy and interrupt my train of thought as I work on various projects.  I need peace and quiet to do my thing and I built this business to get away from the world of phone calls. I’m telling you this because occasionally I get questioned about why I don’t have a phone number on here and well, that is why.

Lastly, for those of you that like to know where you are ordering from.. Evolution3D is based out of the beautiful 1000 Islands Region of NY State.. All products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at my shop in Alexandria Bay, NY


To make a Payment Via PayPal For A Misc Item And/Or Service not listed on the site use the form below..
Only use this if I have sent you here to do so. Please just type in the amount including shipping in U.S. Dollars and a some text describing the item and/or service.

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