Warranty & Mount Care

Warranty Info:

Note: the warranty info below does not cover extreme heat damage, but if a mount deforms on you due to extreme heat I can still help you out. See Mount Care section below..

For 3D printed mounts that I design and sell I offer the following to the original purchaser..

If a part breaks within 3 months (90 days) I will replace it.

During that time period I will cover the fees to ship new parts to US customers. For International customers I will cover the fees to ship new parts to the customer during the 1st 30 days, after that they will need to cover the shipping fees.

To get a new piece you may need to send the broken piece back to me, but in most cases I just need to see some photos or a video showing me what is going on.. That is up to me depending on the situation.

Now that I have explained all that I would like to say the following. I make everything I sell much stronger than is probably necessary. Because of this my 3D printed parts seldom break. Out of 1000’s of sales in the past few years I have only had a few people contact me needing replacement parts.. 🙂 Seems like a no-brainer to me, make awesome products and have happy customers..

Mount Care:

Taking Care of your Evolution3D mount..

Our 3D Printed mounts are made with a hybrid filament called PLA/PHA. It’s a very strong material and under normal use should give you many years of trouble free use, but it does have a weakness. That weakness is EXTREME HEAT. The material can soften and deform at temperatures at or above (55c/131f).

So what does that mean to you? Well, simply put, keep the mount away from extreme heat and everything should be fine.. The biggest thing is to not leave the mount in a sealed vehicle on a sunny day. The interior of a vehicle on a sunny day can get ridiculously hot. And really, it’s not a great idea to leave any RC equipment in a hot vehicle. Lipo batteries can burst and/or explode, glues used on circuit boards can soften, etc etc..

That being said, in the many years I have been in this business I have only had a few customers contact me regarding a deformed mount. These people left it in a very hot car and in a situation where the monitor was still connected and there was weight or stress on the part. In other words the part got very hot and the weight/force of what it was connected to caused it to deform. If the part was just sitting in the vehicle with no force on it.. well, it probably would not have deformed at all. Still, don’t leave the mount pieces in a sealed vehicle on a hot day or do so at your own risk. Ultimately, if you do have a mount deform on you just contact me, I can get you replacement pieces at a very fair discount plus shipping. I’m not looking to make money off of situations like this.

Other than that just don’t be overly forceful with the parts.. my 3D printed parts are very strong under normal use, but if you are overly forceful with them, sure, they can break. So, don’t be overly forceful.. contact me if you have a question or it something doesn’t seem to fit right or if you need help getting a mount off without breaking it..