Warranty & Mount Care

Warranty Info:

For custom mounts that we produce here in our shop I offer a 3 YEAR WARRANTY to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER..

For USA customers I pay shipping during that entire time period..

For International customers I pay shipping within the 1st 30 days.. after that you pay shipping.
(International Shipping unfortunately costs me around $13.50 for up to an 8 ounce package to most locations and about $23.00 for anything over 8 ounces.. )

If a mount breaks after 3 YEARS I can offer you replacement pieces at cost plus shipping.

To get a new piece you may need to send the broken piece back to me, but in most cases I just need to see some photos or a video showing me what is going on.. That is up to me depending on the situation.

Please know that my mounts seldom break. Out of many 1000’s of sales in the past few years I have only had a few people contact me needing replacement parts.. 🙂 Seems like a no-brainer to me, make awesome products and have happy customers..

Mount Care:

Taking Care of your Evolution3D mount..

There’s not much to worry about or anything special you need to do.

My 3D Printed mounts are made with a filament called PETG.  It has incredible strength with just a bit of flex making it the perfect material to use for RC Radio mounts and unlike traditional 3d printed parts of the past made with PLA leaving a part made with PETG in a hot car or using it on a very hot day is not a problem. PETG parts will not melt or deform on you. In general parts made with PETG should give you many years of trouble free use.

Lastly, my 3D printed parts are very strong under normal use, but if you are overly forceful with them (hit them with a hammer, actually try to break them, greatly over-tighten), sure,  they can break. So, please don’t be overly forceful.. Contact me if you have a question or it something doesn’t seem to fit right or if you need help getting a mount off without breaking it.. Use these pieces as intended and they should last many years.