Warranty & Mount Care

Warranty Info:


For mounts that I design and sell I offer the following to the original purchaser..

If a part breaks within the 1st 90 days I will replace it.
For USA customers I pay shipping during that entire time period.
For International customers I pay shipping within the 1st 30 days.. after that you pay shipping.
(International Shipping unfortunately costs me around $13.50 for up to an 8 ounce package to most locations.)

If a part breaks after 90 days I can offer you replacement pieces near cost plus shipping.

To get a new piece you may need to send the broken piece back to me, but in most cases I just need to see some photos or a video showing me what is going on.. That is up to me depending on the situation.

Now that I have explained all that I would like to say the following. I make everything I sell much stronger than necessary. Because of this my parts seldom break. Out of 1000’s of sales in the past few years I have only had a few people contact me needing replacement parts.. 🙂 Seems like a no-brainer to me, make awesome products and have happy customers..

Mount Care:

Taking Care of your Evolution3D mount..

There’s not much to worry about or anything special you need to do.

Our 3D Printed mounts are made with a filament called PETG.  It has incredible strength with just a bit of flex making it the perfect material to use for RC Radio mounts and unlike traditional 3d printed parts of the past made with PLA leaving a part made with PETG in a hot car or using it on a very hot day is not a problem. PETG parts will not melt or deform on you. In general parts made with PETG should give you many years of trouble free use.

Just be a bit gentle with the parts.. my 3D printed parts are very strong under normal use, but if you are overly forceful with them (hit them with a hammer, actually try to break them, greatly over-tighten), sure,  they can break. So, don’t be overly forceful.. Contact me if you have a question or it something doesn’t seem to fit right or if you need help getting a mount off without breaking it.. Use these pieces as intended and they should last many years.